What we have is the correct path to start systematically evicting animal-like impulses out from people’s minds. We act like animals because that’s how we’re raised and educated. With this book, everyone, literally everyone (since it is prepared in such a way that it doesn’t matter how old, intelligent or educated you are), will come to know themselves and what they’d be like if they had been raised with love, responsibly and with great human spirit. Everyone. What you are looking at now is a stepping stone leading to a massive rise in human consciousness. This book needs to find its way to every human being, into every home, every school and every institution. To all people. Everything is written on 30 pages. This is its vision. A vision accompanied by the school of emotional intelligence that we have established and the results we made so far with experimental groups.

Kids will be taught at an early age about the traps in the world and which path leads to their happiness. Infallibly. And this applies to all. Those who are older will find inner peace and wisdom. These two bring health. It’s all in the book. Simply and concisely.
You and I, average people of an average age, will find the cornerstone we have been looking for to start doing things right and doing the right things in our life, so as to become the generation that began transforming its own and thus also humanity’s higher consciousness. That's why you have to do your best as well. At the end of our lives, these memories will embellish us – the memories of our legacy. We will understand our value and our purpose.

This book is able to touch everyone. It’s simple, clear and short enough. And it practically has it all. It is designed as a device to raise consciousness and does not ramble on about or contain the secrets of personal growth. Without knowing what is in this book, nothing can be of help. Nothing at all. A house cannot stand for long without any foundations.

So please have a good look at what you’ve just received. Then imagine about what would happen with the 5 billion people on this planet who need the exact same thing in their hands. You’ve never owned a book for so many different people before.

Thank you for your precious time.

Yan Myr