Dear Madam/Sir,

I want to check if you have a feeling for the needs of others, have a vision and your happiness at work keeps you alert to big opportunities, or are you one of those who are simply ‘at work’ today?

All that is needed is one person in the right place at the right time for the world to come upon a device for stabilising consciousness. This device raises consciousness in people and is a prerequisite for personal growth books to be successful and the world cleaner and more tranquil. It’s so simple that everyone understands it and anyone can use it. Effort should be made to get it into every home in this world.

Can you imagine what this will mean for the old and the young, the poor and the spoiled, the deprived and those with impairments, for simple folk, for this planet? It will help us all. If you compare it with the books you are currently publishing, how many of those are suitable for every single home, for anyone, no matter what?
e a device that guides you on a path within your consciousness, a path that will help a great many people find meaning in life, their happiness. Using this device we are transforming a big share of the animal nature contained within us humans into consciousness about oneself and everything else; we are transforming it into something that, someday, will be called the right to consciousness, just like human rights today. This will be our gift to this planet, our legacy.

The device is so simple that it takes the form of a book because that’s the easiest way to reach all people and we’ll always have it at hand to navigate our inner worlds. That's why I am contacting you. Research shows that you know books.

Check all the blueprints in the device (all of them since they work as a whole) and show me someone who does not need it themselves. From the first day they become aware of themselves. Just one person. If you can’t show me anyone, then please show me how much all of this means to you and what it is you wish us to achieve together. Let’s start talking.

Basic information about the device:

Official name: The first important book for kids and ‘big kids’
Type of device: Emotionally intelligent book
Suitable for ages: 9-99 years
Target reader: everybody, all of the humankind
Number of pages: 60 (30 pages images, 30 pages text)