Basic information:

Official name: The first important book for kids and ‘big kids’
Number of pages: 60 (30 pages images, 30 pages text)

The First Important Book for Kids and ‘Big Kids’ is a simple device designed to raise the consciousness of any human being. It provides the foundation for any kind of work on oneself. It contributes to changes in behavior and inner peace.


ADULT NON-FICTION (Mind, Body, Spirit; Self- Help; Parenting)
CHILDREN (Children's & YA non Fiction; Children's Picture books)

Target groups:

- adults (parents, you and your parents)
- elderly (in the Third Age)
- children (above 10 independent reading, below 10 listening)
- people with behavioral challenges
- people who lack self-confidence
- mentally challenged people
- disabled people
- anyone who wants to understand why self-work has still not helped them

Different & unique

It sets out a simple path leading to higher consciousness that anyone can understand. Everybody can internalize it, regardless of their age, gender, education or status.

The First Important Book is an excellent education tool if you wish to teach both you and the child in your care the right attitude to oneself and the environment around you. The book also brings acceptance, joy and improved relationships to families.

It is structured in such a way that it builds a healthy mindset and emotional intelligence. The book is all about the essence of a healthy spirit that most people and teachers overlook in their search for complex solutions and higher energies. The book contains fundamental truths about what it's like to be human, our self-image and our relationships with others; the truth about a creature that wants to do things correctly and feel good. A high level of intelligence is not needed for that, it's perfectly enough if there is a capacity to receive and read.

Suitable for ages: 9 to 99 years. It’s never too late, so long as you believe in yourself!

This book helps overcome:

- a lack of self-love and love for others
- a sense of inferiority, powerlessness and being incapable
- restlessness and stress
- resentment
- irresponsibility
- being careless of your health
- mistakes made in upbringing (both yours and your children’s)

To succeed, all you need to do is follow what is stated in the book. That is the power of a modern, emotionally-intelligent book.

Other advantages:

- its simplicity (30 pages of text, including exercises and tasks)
- its attractiveness (30 pages of illustrations, by an excellent formally-trained painter)
- its high production quality (the book is well-conceived and meets strict quality standards)
- it does not contain any secrets that are difficult to understand. Everything is explained and accompanied by exercises.

The book is a useful working tool for these professions:

- teachers
- social workers
- guardians and mentors
- parents

Those working with people in the areas of social work and teaching must urgently become aware of this book. The First Important Book gives the primary ingredients needed for anyone’s personal growth. That’s why it is called The First Important Book and not the second, third or seventh. No school material can effectively help someone in distress or a person facing educational and health challenges if you cannot show them the key steps they need to build a satisfactory self-image, and thus also happiness and inner peace. Most importantly, it is important that you see how what is written in the book applies to you so that you can follow your mission correctly. You will then possess the right attitude both towards yourself and the people you are taking care of.

Don’t give up on anyone till they’ve read The First Important Book for Kids and ‘Big Kids’; maybe they have not had the right chance yet to show their true colours. Once they’ve read and internalized it, they will be ready to succeed. Believe in them.

Additional information

The book has been published in Slovenian language (December 2019)

Dimensions of the interior side 170 x 240 mm
Flap cover - Dimensions 648 x 240 mm + back
72 pages + cover
Printing 2/2 interior
Printing 2/1 cover
Material inside 150g garda mat
Material cover 300g garda mat
Finishing cover mat PVC 1/0
Finishing paperback softcover, stitched thread

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